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Ministry Objective: Win Mexicans (and anybody else) to the Lord and disciple them in Fundamental churches. Our goal is evangelism and church planting.

Our Ministry Presentation (12-2016):

(this is the video presentation that I present in churches)

Current Deputation Schedule: until August of 2017 based in Orlando Florida, but will travel.

For Meetings: email davidcoxmex@gmail.com. or call me at (321) 900-8885

This website has promotional materials for pastors and other interested persons about us and our ministry in Mexico City. We are missionaries, and we work in mass evangelism and planting churches. Presently I am pastoring our current church.

Partner with us

We are looking to partner with churches in missions.

We need churches that are “on the same page” as we are (i.e. believe and practice as we do). (See Defining what we are negatively.)

  1. Fundamentalist. – Believe in the essentials of Christian doctrine.
  2. Separated. – Not interested in compromising in order to achieve something.
  3. Evangelistic. – Churches that evangelize, are soulwinners, and promote that.
  4. Prayer Warriors. – We achieve the work of God on our knees first.
  5. Do God’s work. – Evangelism and church planting are the priorities, and most resources go towards that kind of ministry.
  6. Sacrifical. – We are serious about sacrificing our lives for the work of the Lord, and we want to partner with people that honor and respect this, and that they themselves also sacrifice for God’s work.

Please see our statement of Standards: Where we go and don’t go.

Our email address: davidcoxmex@gmail.com

David Cox Promotion Materials

Prayer Card as of Oct 2015

Missionary Packet – David Cox Version 2bs


Our Powtoon Presentation (2015)

Most recent Prayer Letters

These are usually sent out via email first, and then later on, the prayer letter is posted on the website during the weeks after that.

Newsletter 2015-05-06 Our Furlough Plans
Newsletter 2016-02-11 Our visit back to Mexico
Newsletter 2016-06
Newsletter 2016-07 (Spanish version)
Newsletter 2016-08
Newsletter 2016-10

To join our email prayer letter list.

1) Go to our ministry website, http://www.davidcoxmex.com/
2) Enter your email address in the right column, under “Receive our Prayer Letters”

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