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dcox-gravatorThis website is especially devoted to you, pastors who have been invited to consider our ministry for possible prayer and financial support.

I know that pastors are bombarded with missionaries these days, all wanting to be heard, all wanting to come candidate for missionary support. I am one of those people.

The only way I can convince you to be interested in me, my family, and my ministry is to present reasons why we are doing the right thing. Please read through this website and if you don’t see things that interest you as a pastor looking for a missionary candidate, that is already, we are not a good “fit” then. But if our ministry “resounds” with yours, then please pray for us, and consider financial support when possible.

(Hint: At any time click on “Missionary David Cox” in the top left hand corner under the header of our church photo to return here)

Make this easier!

I am going to try to make this easier on you. You need to make a decision, yes, learn more about David Cox, or no, not this guy. So let me offer you information which from my perspective as both a pastor and missionary, I am trying to “cut to the chase” quickly.

What is Important

Note that most of these documents are also hyperlinks in red in the top of the left hand sidebar column.

Deal Breakers

First of all, there are the “deal breakers”. From my perspective, if you are not on the same page as we are “theologically” then there is no reason to go any further. These “deal breakers” are in the “Where we go and don’t go” page. (pdf) Please start there. If you are not in agreement with these basic doctrinal elements, then we don’t need to go any further.

What are we? Doctrinal Statement

The next phase is our doctrinal positions.

You can view this online or download it “Our Doctrinal Statement.pdf“.  We are independent, Fundamental Baptists. We take a stand doctrinally and practically in our relationships with others.

What are we doing in our ministry?

Basically we are evangelizing and funneling the converts into our local church that we are planting on the mission field. We do a lot of other things also, but that is our principle ministry.

In the upper right hand column, there is a list of our ministries and in each one we have links to a page with more abundant information and usually an image gallery. Please click through some of those things.

Call to Action

We ask that you prayerfully consider what we are, what we are dedicated to accomplishing in Mexico City. We need your support. Please pray for us. Please donate to our ministry.

How to Give

The majority of our supporters send checks to our oversight church, Orlando Bible Church. (for instructions go here), but sometimes people see our presentation and want to give a single gift (for instructions go here) which also helps us greatly.

Checks to our Home Church

You can send a regular bank check through the regular US Mail system to us at our home check.

Orlando Bible Church
4405 East Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

Please note that the check needs to be made out to “Orlando Bible Church”, and on the memo line or on a separate piece of paper with the check, you will need to add “For David Cox” in order for it to get to us.

Yearly Reporting

Martina Depue handles our yearly financial contributions acknowledgements, and if you are an individual, she will send you a valid IRS contributions form for your donations over the year to our ministry. Churches do not need this, but if your church gives to our ministry and desires a year in summary, please request this from her, and she will be glad to send it to you. Note that Orlando Bible Church receives donations for me, and they take nothing out, but deposits it 100% into my account.

Please write her if you have questions about any of your donations getting through to me or not. You can also write the Pastor of Orlando Bible Church, Pastor Scott Letzring because he actually deposits any checks that come in the mail to me.

Pastor Scott Letzring <>
Martina DePue <>

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